Spanish in Action


Instructora Señora Raquel,
B.A. Romance Languages, UGA

Classes Held in Columbus, GA

Say Hola to Spanish!


I believe a major barrier to foreign language acquisition is the fear of saying the wrong thing.  I try to break down this barrier with laughter.  The classroom environment is light and jovial, allowing for a free-flow of communication between students and the instructor and among students.

la bandera mexicana Although we do laugh and have fun in class, there is a classroom decorum which we all must learn to be good citizens of our communities and of the world.  I attempt to acclimate students progressively toward the college classroom atmosphere, proper note-taking, and test preparation strategies.

I further try to acclimate students to being good citizens of the world by increasing their cultural awareness about target countries we study and about the Spanish-speaking population right here in our country. I look forward to meeting those of you I haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet. Our classes have grown from just 9 families at the end of last year to 24 families starting this fall. It is very exciting for me, having dedicated a great part of my life to the study of language, culture, and religion, to be able to share this knowledge with our children and to hopefully open their minds and their hearts to those less fortunate in the world around us.

I believe the study of foreign language is a truly Christian and humbling experience because you allow yourself to make mistakes, be wrong, and be open to a new way of thinking and speaking in order to be able to communicate with a larger population of humankind. This ability will be a great and powerful tool as you “Go ye therefore…” into the future.


Rachel (B.A., Romance Languages, UGA; M.B.A, CSU) has spent the last 10 years developing successful businesses and educational programs such as Baby Belle's Room, the Say Hola to Spanish/Say Bonjour to French programs, Unique and Chic...the traveling boutique, the English Language Institute, and the Immersion Excursion program. Seeing the value in collaborative efforts, she helped forge relationships between CSU and international agents in Korea, Nepal, Vietnam, and Colombia. She continues to travel abroad on a regular basis and has worked as a trilingual interpreter, travel guide, and guest lecturer at international conferences.

Outreach Opportunities

My husband and I met on the mission field in San Luis Río Colorado, México.  Our perspectives have been forever altered by that experience.  Efforts will be made to make students aware of outreach opportunities available to them to use their Spanish knowledge (both at home and abroad) such as mission work, volunteering as an interpreter or translator, doing ecology service work or language immersion in Panama, etc.

Please inform me if your child is involved in an overseas mission project so that we may all profit from learning about the language and culture of the target area and help to acclimate your child to what lies ahead.

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